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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I appreciate you being a part of this incredible journey I’m on.

These knives mean more than just a regular knife… they are a direct representation of who and what I am. Even more so, what I stand for. The heaviness is that of a cleaver or an axe, correlated to my heavy hand (with salt mainly) and intense personality which I use to propel my career every chance I get. The shape and handle is inspired by a delicate Japanese knife made to swiftly cut through its enemies. This is to represent the grace and passion it takes to be in a career like culinary arts. The carbon steel will patina and change with each use, like a diary keeping notes of all the lovely moments in the kitchen together. A lot like me, this knife changes and grows with every experience and every working day.

Having a knife that cuts straight, stays sharp, and can stand tall against any recipe, is a flagship in your kitchen.

My journey has just begun, and is so far from being over. But at this moment, I am so glad you get to be one of the few people who owns these Limited Edition JP Knives.


The man hard at work behind the scenes making these knives is none other than Chris Laplante. Chris started his initial love for crafting knives when he wanted to create a knife to pair with a black powder rifle he made his dad. He showed some samples to a coworker who ended up liking it so much he bought it. With value now seen present in his work, Chris spends his free time doing custom work and following his passion for knife craftsmanship.

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