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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I get asked by friends all the time how I balance such a huge workload, high-stress job, curating a website, handcrafting knives, and making time for the little things… I tell them it’s a giant shit show. But, the key to it all is accepting the reality of the whole ordeal. The world around is not a one size fits all by any means and simple solutions aren’t always reliable. Sometimes we start a project or a path just to find out we have spent months if not years walking into a dead end, what a shit show! And that is totally okay, it's not about whether you hit a wall… an ocean, or if you somehow made 100k followers on Instagram and now are getting business deals left and right… None of that shit matters, what matters is the journey and the innate feeling of wanting to try, learn and grow.

Most great cooks, chefs, fuck it, foodies even, they don’t commit to this grind for money, fame, or a happy ending… This life is about how badly you want to to achieve and the enormous work pushing that success. A culinary life is non-stop, and keeping it managed alone is close to impossible but the challenge is the prize we always chase.

I myself am chasing perfection, the pure satisfaction of knowing, “damn, I did a good job”. Honestly, I hope I never find perfection, I want to keep the spirit that we and many others share to continue honing our craft to its utmost potential. The chase of knowing that at any point failure could be imminent. This is what drives us to achieve over all the shit we have to constantly go through.

I am a Never Ending Shit Show, I know there are more of us out there.. So this is for you.

Wear your NESS on your sleeve, it actually makes you much stronger than you think.

With love

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