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Well, I guess you could say that I wanted to start a podcast because I thought it could be a great outlet for me to cope, document, and learn from the wild experiences I’ve had so far opening a restaurant. Like any new endeavor, the beginning is a lot like shooting in the dark.

NESS is a lifestyle brand for any aspiring entrepreneur or hardworking individual that puts themselves and their work out into the world to be critiqued because that involves a ton of mistakes, fuck ups, and getting hurt. My desire to connect with the NESS brand is really what is pushing me to record. I love my brand so much and The Never Ending Sh** Show is essentially an audio companion so people can connect to being a Shit Show. I hear many people say they feel like they can’t start a business if they “don’t have everything figured out”, and I hope to be a living example to prove that wrong.

The first three episodes of the podcast have taught me that I actually need to be more organized and structured with the show than I originally thought. I started out believing that I didn’t care much about the content of the conversation at all, but that turned out to be not true. I’ve edited out chunks of content from some episodes because I thought they were isolating from some of my audience, had unorganized thoughts, or were just plain boring. Ironically, the future of the show is very much unknown. I plan to continue recording and releasing episodes. Still, the main goal is to further improve my skills as a conversationalist and interviewer before I even think about bringing on other guests to tell their stories.

I want this podcast to be inclusive to everyone. But above all, if a listener has a good work ethic and is aspiring to do anything, I would want them to feel inspired to push on. If I can succeed as a walking embodiment of a Never Ending Shit Show, then so can you.

Listen now, on Spotify or Youtube. Links Below


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